This is how the heart breaks

Hello again my blog.Again with my heart problems. I know this girl since forever and well she is my everything you know when I'm sad I go find her when I came back from Kampar she is the first one I ever ask to go out, but now everything is going to end as she found a better man in her life and me?well I'm still stuck in Neverland.

Although I knew this gonna happen sooner or later, I really cant accept it that she didn't even talk to me about it and I have to find out through her blog.I'm not a stalker mind you just that I like to visit peoples blog just for kicks. The truth is I like her really do and this maybe be the time to let go of everything in Penang and start my life here in Kampar and just focus on studies rather than anything else.

I don't know why but I'm feeling really down right now, why be so good to me even you already have a boyfriend?well I guess when a heartbreaks it doesn't break even huh. I'll stop talking to the moon from now on.Well I guess this is goodbye my best friend this is the end.Goodbye

The man that can't be moved but then woman already has.


2 is better than 1?

Ok it's middle of the night and I'm blogging WTF right?
Well my maths finals is tomorrow and seriously I don't wanna fail this
I don't know why but when it comes to number when I don't understand I don't wanna learn it anymore
Guess this time I really have to buck up and do right.
Well this blog is dead anyway is just a way for me to say my heart out
Recently somebody came into my life and I got to admit, she is not someone that I expected I would fall for,
but I did and I fall hard the problem is,she is attached and I just don't know our relationship progress to
more than friends but not more than that. It really hit me hard but I don't wanna give her up
She is something that I want to hold on forever but I don't want her to be torn between me and and the bf
Sigh... I don't know why but somehow I felt like she feel the same way as I did or I just over perasan-ed again
Well we keep arguing bout stuff but sometimes I felt like she is avoiding me for something
I feel that I should give up soon because of this cause after all I'm the third party in this relationship.
Well its 1.07am now and I gonna get back to my maths.
Till next time my blog,you are my only reader here anyway =)



Presentation Again and Again

Phew finally done with one presentation left 2 more!!How I wish it will be over within this week but too bad I got basic english the week after =( Luckily tomorrow will be critical thinking presentation,hopefully I will be prepared enough to get some decent score. God haven't feel so nervous for presentation since form 6 now gotta repeat all over again.

On the plus side well my leg at least is healing a little by little now.Hopefully can be healed by end of this month?I miss basketball alot xD class started will blog again soon



Epic fail

The post will be started off with a loud sighhhhh I failed mathematics again
I don't know when but lately I am damn emotional about stuff
The minute my mum calls me my tears started to flow already I don't even know why
I felt like I let my mum down with these results as she is working hard to support me study
and the only thing I know she hope for now is for me to get a good result and I couldn't achieve it
am I a useless son?I used to not care bout my results and now I'm crying over a test!Even in Stpm I didn't cry and now......haizzz I feel so sorry for my mum whom work hard to support this stupid son which take everything for granted.I'm sorry mum but I failed you again and again =(


My mathematic teacher is awesome

My mathematics teacher is awesome till everyone doesn't care bout what she is teaching and doing their own work ==! Worst part of it I don't get any of her teaching, I'm in trouble now.Hopefully will own enough pointers to keep me afloat in Foundation.


pissed off

Well not much to explain except it's pretty darn obvious that we all are so pissed off at the results.1st of all is it fair for everyone that people vote not by talent but by the colour of their skin??
2nd is it fair for everyone to let someone that is bad at social skills be a president?
3rd is it fair for everyone if your love one is the previous president you will get a post in a society?

Nothing much that I care but really is it fair for all of us?
I felt like there is no justice being serve here but to be fair some of them deserved it
But some of them...well... not that deserving...
but what the heck it's already being done and the future seems to be a darkess black hole i'm gonna see...maybe i'm just ranting or i'm a sore loser whatever....
but I think some of them are more deserving than them
Well maybe that fair for them...but NOT fair for us
let's just see what you guys can do for us and we will let the time tell
There goes my plan for next year and this year as well
Might as well be a nerd and study study study if that can get you postition

Oh ya...thanks for the guys and girls that vote for me...appreciate it but too bad someone else won it 'fair and square'



Tomorrow is my judgement day, the day my future is decided either I will go as a chef or become somebody my parents wish I can be...that is a teacher.
I know that both of it is also gud but to this point now I'm not sure what I want as a chef or a teacher?Everything will be decided tomorrow when the list come out to see who qualified for the interview,I know by getting interviewed my chances of becoming a chef is surely down the drain.But if I get to be a chef, will I be a successful one?or just another flop in my life.

Nothing is certain now...I really need someone to give me advice now haha coz I'm sick of hearing what my parents said and tired of sleepless night thinking about it,this is certainly an emo post coz until now I have no idea what am I posting hahahahah....
Well one thing is for sure,that is no matter what I'll stay at Penang for at least a year or two before I have to leave my precious bed and computer.

I was thinking, is my childish attitude gonna help in teaching?or its gonna make things worst...maybe teacher is not so bad afterall since it only teaching the students I use to be...which is??skip class,ignoring the teachers,sleeping in the class room or run to the field for a game of football?LMAO total disaster ahahha..

If I get to be a chef then what will I do?I will certainly create something of my own trademark of dishes and always cook amazing stuff for me,my friends and customers to eat.No worries tho even I'm not a chef I still can cook for you guys to eat.Certainly will touch someone's heart with my dish.And one day hopefully the someone will be special to me.Enough bout what I'm gonna do but what should I do??

Time is passing by without me knowing and still I'm lonely....maybe as Mandy says I should find a company myself rather than being a lightbulb all the time hahaah...I think she's right but hard to find someone that is suitable for me now...since I picky and I'm good at giving advices but not doing it myself so I let nature take its course and time will surely tell.=)

that's all for my ranting bet everybody is getting bored by looking at my blog coz it just plan boring...